May 8 - June 1, 2003

by Willy Russell and starring Lee K. Paige as Shirley will close the first season of Good Theater. Shirley is a middle-aged housewife whose life is in a rut. Her life changes forever during a two-week trip to Greece. Filled with wry humor and romance. Come join Shirley as she falls in love - with herself. Shirley Valentine, starring Lee K. Paige and directed by Brian P. Allen, was named one of the ten best productions of the year by the Portland Press Herald in 1993.


Lee K. Paige performed this one-woman show 10 years ago, directed by Brian Allen. The two have teamed up again in this Good Theater production – with great result. Paige truly becomes Shirley and all the other people that Shirley talks about. Paige captures the essence of an uptight neighbor, her snotty daughter, her lump of a husband. But it is as Shirley that we really see Paige’s full range. It’s her face. It pulls you in completely. Through her face she shows the transformation of Shirley – expressing sweet, doughty warmth in the kitchen, to a glowing, impish, voluptuousness on the beach in Greece. If you haven’t been to a show yet, you’re missing some of the best local theater – and it’s offered at an affordable price.
Portland Press Herald
Mary Snell

"The power of Shirley Valentine is that playwright Willy Russell has portrayed an Everywoman, ripe for Paige's richly comic and sensitive interpretation."

"Leaving the theater after Lee K Paige's virtuoso performance of Shirley Valentine, I found it hard to believe I'd just seen a one-woman show."
Portland Press Herald
Jane Lamb

"Shirley Valentine is a gem"
[Paige] This is a consummate performance, well directed by Brian Allen."
"Shirley Valentine…ranks as strong professional fare."
Portland Press Herald
William Steele

Cast & Crew

Shirley: Lee K. Paige
Directed by Brian P. Allen
Set Design Janet Montgomery
Lighting Design Jamie Grant
Set Construction Craig Robinson, Steve Underwood
Stage Manager Karen Dunton
Assistant Stage Manager Morgan Shepard
Makeup Louise Hill